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Little-known facts about fire service safety equipment
June 15, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A person pulling a fire alarm. Fire service safety equipment like this is what you need to make your life fireproof.

Fires can devastate anyone at any time. Even the most precautious people are vulnerable because many variables are out of our control. That’s why fire service safety equipment is crucial for any household. However, understanding the equipment you need is difficult. These requirements are dictated by complex codes, and failing to comply can result in serious penalties. At, our 35+ years of fire inspection experience in Miami metro Florida is your saving grace.

Here are little-known facts about fire alarms and sprinklers:

Smoke alarms are useless without sprinklers

When it comes to fire service safety equipment, safety requires multiple tools and devices working in conjunction.

Failing to adopt a full network of fire security measures is willfully accepting unacceptable security gaps. While smoke alarms alert occupants to potential hazards, without sprinklers, there’s no means of resolution.

Sprinklers respond promptly and significantly attenuate heat, flames, and smoke. Without sprinklers, these saturate your home and put you in a fatal conundrum. By the time your alarm alerts you, it’ll likely be too late. A smoke alarm by itself is simply insufficient.

Luckily, with, we’ll ensure both your alarms and sprinklers are primed to prevent you from going down in flames.

Sprinklers are required by law

When contemplating fire service safety equipment, in many instances, it’s not volitional. Fire sprinkles are the U.S. model building code requirement for new, one- and two-family homes. Without a sprinkler, your home is substandard. Even worst, you can face steep penalties.

Fire sprinklers are the minimum requirement for new homes. However, while not all fire safety equipment is required by code, failing to install ancillary devices like fire alarms or mandatory devices like sprinklers can severely impact your insurance.

Ultimately, determining what the law demands is difficult. Codes are dynamic and continuously evolving. It requires extensive experience and knowledge to unpack the jargon and ensure your home is both as secure as possible and compliant.

Fortunately, with, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your home is up to code and you and your loved ones are safe.

Fire sprinklers are practical

Many are wary of potential accidents when installing fire service safety equipment. A common myth is that sprinklers leak or are often mistakenly activated.

This is extremely rare. The majority of people never experience leakage or accidental activation. People also fear that any time a smoke alarm goes off, it activates the sprinklers. However, sprinklers are engineered to respond to heat and not smoke.

This means that, in the case of a burnt meal, your sprinklers are guaranteed to stay idle. Many people also erroneously assume sprinklers are expensive and time-intensive to maintain, but inspections and maintenance are simple, sparse, and incredibly affordable.

Another misconception surrounding sprinklers is once one is triggered, everything will be drenched and ruined. Only the sprinkler closest to the fire is triggered. The rest of your home will remain dry. Approximately 85% of the time, only one sprinkler activates during a fire.

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If a fire inspection is imminent or you’re interested in shoring up home security against fires, fire service safety equipment is imperative. Luckily, with, my 35+ years of experience and unmatched credentials enable me to survey any property and ensure it’s up to code and its security is optimized. Schedule an appointment now! We'll give you an advantage over the unknown.

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